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    Thu, Feb 16 2012 19:00:00
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    Welcome to #InflatableChat – We’re discussing inflatable arches for racing events. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:01:15
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    Q1: How are inflatable archways and pylons currently being used? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:06:50
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    A1: Entrance to events, Location marker for Vendors, Information for directions or schedule, Races #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:07:28
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    A1: As start & finish lines at racing events, directing traffic from parking 2 race event & post-race parties #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:09:18
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    A1: @itsCaitlin0111 lists 9 Great Places to Use Arches in a recent post > landmktg.com/AoUgtW #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:13:31
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    A1: Commonly used to attract attention at outdoor events > landmktg.com/hHgcYg #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:13:20
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    Q2: What types of events tend to use inflatable archways? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:12:35
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    A2: Races for running, biking, walking, Fundraisers, Festivals #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:15:19
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    A2: @hopeinmotion uses this inflatable arch during their annual race > landmktg.com/gkjUpK #favorite #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:15:28
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    A2: Inflatable arches are used most often at racing events and community events. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:16:27
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    A2: Motorcycle Rallies! This inflatable arch is used each Tuesday from May-Sept. landmktg.com/dlIfDX #LetsRide #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:16:09
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    Q3: What should individuals know when considering the purchase of an inflatable arch? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:17:01
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    A3: The arch provides custom messaging so sponsorship dollars are never limited #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:17:39
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    A3: Distance of the road or trail the arch needs to cross. How much area is needed for sponsor banners & who has art files. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:19:26
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    A3: They add the professional image that sets you apart from events using Helium Balloon arches…. #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:17:54
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    A3: Inflatable arches can be used in rainy weather conditions, but they must be completely dry before packing for storage! #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:22:03
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    Q4: What are the benefits of using inflatable archways and pylons? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:21:25
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    A4: Ease of set up and take down, Instant impact, priceless sponsor recognition. #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:23:01
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    A4: Media love arches because it frames the events and advertises all the sponsors on the arch #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:23:37
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    A4: Inflatable arches help to direct traffic in and out of busy events with ease #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:24:06
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    A4: Provides long lasting memories for participants with their photo crossing the Finish Line. #inflatablechat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:23:49
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    A4: Inflatable archways make for a great photo opportunity at tailgating parties! #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:24:28
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    A4: Custom arches can be made in theme shapes (steering wheel) or have accents (like flames) = atmosphere / branding #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:26:40
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    @Landmarketer Next week is an open forum to discuss advertising inflatable FAQs #InflatableChat
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 14:28:08

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