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    Wed, Jun 23 2010 20:00:00
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    Let’s start w/ Q1: How are professionals in the sports marketing industry currently using custom inflatables? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:06:29
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    A1: Sports marketers are making product replicas for sponsors to use at games and live sporting event /- interactivity. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:08:09
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    A1: Currently, sports marketers are using custom inflatables to create large crowds while promoting their product/service. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:08:52
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    A1: Inflatables also work well to bring attn. to fundraising events. landmktg.com/lci-blog58 #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:11:38
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    A1: By making their names and products obvious by using oversized replicas of their products at sporting events #inflatablechat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:12:21
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    Q2: What are the most common types of inflatables used to promote sporting events? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:12:37
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    A2: Package Replicas, Branded interactive games #inflatablechat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:13:15
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    A2: inflatable tents, sports arches & sports cages – gallery of products > landmktg.com/q03b9A #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:13:15
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    A2***: Tried & true inflatable trifecta for sports marketers: mascots – costumes – tunnels > landmktg.com/lci-blog32 #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:14:18
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    A2: Getting presence is also getting seen by the camera on TV #inflatablechat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:15:48
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    A2: Inflatable mascots are common to get fans **pumped** during sporting events. (even possibly get them fist-pumpin’) #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:15:59
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    A2: Has anyone mentioned inflatable soccer goals yet? landmktg.com/lci-blog47 #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:15:52
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    Q3: What types of special events / sponsorship events can benefit from custom inflatables? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:16:41
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    A3: Team appearances & fundraising events. The @Twins used this infl. during the 2001 TwinsFest > landmktg.com/c3YnkL #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:17:39
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    A3: Touring sports such as Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Auto Racing #inflatablechat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:17:40
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    A3: @itsCaitlin0111 found two killer videos of inflatables in use at sporting events: landmktg.com/lci-blog71 #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:21:33
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    Q4: How can inflatables merge with other marketing plans at events & promotions? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:21:30
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    A4: Inflatables complement other marketing plans when they’re designed with the branding style guides in mind. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:25:53
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    A4: Red Bull Pylons in NYC at Subways and Central Park drew Awareness to the Race series
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:24:47
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    A4: Custom inflatables need to match the look and feel of the sporting event. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:26:24
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    A4: As always, my favorite answer… take photos (and videos) of your inflatables and market them across SM channels. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:27:25
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    @Landmarketer Next week we’re discussing inflatable sports tunnels > landmktg.com/p-tunnels #InflatableChat
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 14:28:09

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