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    #InflatableChat starts in 1 hr. This week’s topic: Custom Inflatable Sports Cages!

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 13:01:33
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    Q1: What is the most popular type of sports cages? #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:06:29
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    A1: Soccer cages & football tosses. Check out the gallery for examples > landmktg.com/p-cages #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:07:15
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    A1: Dashing in a bit late… Popular sports “cage” inflatables: football tosses & slap shots > #hockey #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:09:56
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    A1: Hockey “slap shot” cages are popular too, the Avalanche & Rangers use them to attract fans > landmktg.com/c-l3028 #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:08:26
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    A1: Portable soccer goals are also lots of fun. landmktg.com/c-l2859 #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:13:39
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    Q2: Who typically uses custom inflatable sports cages? #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:13:11
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    A2: Food Manufacturers! Example: @BushsBeans > landmktg.com/h9cXxN #promotional #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:15:42
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    A2: Brands sponsoring sporting events and sports teams themselves often use inflatable sports cages at events. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:14:34
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    A2: Anyone who is using it to promote their brand or organization #inflatablechat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:15:53
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    A2: Sporting Goods Retailers such as @DICKS landmktg.com/fmckxs & @UnderArmour landmktg.com/gakrlq #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:14:11
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    A2: Sporting goods manufacturers like @Reebok reach consumers at grass roots marketing events. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:17:59
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    Q3: What are the features and benefits of an inflatable sports cage? #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:17:20
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    A3: The best feature is anyone can play and the benefit would be more customers #inflatablechat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:18:25
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    A3: Benefits of inflatable sports cages: portable, light-weight, visible, customizable and SUPERFLY! #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:19:20
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    A3: They attract a crowd and can be seen at any event with the height and branding #inflatablechat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:21:52
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    A3: Sports cages are highly visible = photo opps = more online sharing of your brand/team/event. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:22:44
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    A3: Changing the backdrop allows more than one sport to be played with the same inflatable #inflatablechat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:22:42
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    Q4: How can I maximize the use of an inflatable sports cage? #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:22:02
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    A4: Attract more customers by using inflatable sports cages as a cross promotional tool. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:23:43
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    A4: Encourage photos & online sharing. Keep the inflatable maintained. Replace banners with updated artwork. Cross-promote. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:23:38
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    A4: When designing the inflatable make sure to utilize all the surfaces including the back side of the inflatable #inflatablechat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:24:11
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    A4: Use your sports cage for fundraising events. Invite the media. Solicit more sponsors. Never pack the inflatable wet. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:24:50
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    A4: Consider that the inflatables can be used indoors as well as outdoors. #inflatablechat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:25:04
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    A4: Remember to plug the sports cage in (if it’s cold-air), close all the zippers and secure it to the ground. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:27:50
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    @Landmarketer Next week we’re chatting about using inflatables at parades. #InflatableChat

    Thu, Apr 12 2012 14:28:14

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