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    #InflatableChat starts in 1 hr. > Join us as we discuss using custom inflatables at parades!
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 13:03:43
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    Q1: What should I consider before purchasing an inflatable to use at a parade? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:07:11
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    A1: Determine a theme: Mardi Gras, Holiday/4th of July, Family parade – This helps w/ brainstorming for an inflatable! #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:10:16
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    A1: How will I transport it? What obstacles are en route? Who will manage it? Must it float? Where will it be stored? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:09:10
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    @LandmarkBot A1: I would consider what type of inflatable your looking for…
    Helium, Cold Air, or Airtight #inflatablechat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:08:33
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    @LandmarkBot A1: Know Your Dimensions – what trailer or truck bed will you use to haul the inflatable through the parade? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:11:38
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    Q2: What type of inflatable will get attention at parades? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:12:53
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    A2: I think it depends upon what “type” of parade or what kind of message you want the crowd to receive. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:14:14
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    A2: Helium is great for 1x splashes with big budgets. Cold-air works well as parade floats. Costumes good for small budgets. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:17:39
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    A2: Organizations can replicate their mascot or logo like “Hike for Hope” did > landmktg.com/bgh7Xv #parades #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:14:52
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    Q3: What if it rains on my parade? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:16:41
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    A3: Cold-air inflatables can be used in rain; but not left packed-up wet. After the event, user must inflate & dry it out. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:20:21
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    More Parade Tips: Wikihow’s 10 Steps for Organizing a Parade > wikihow.com/Organize-a-Parade #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:27:47
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    We’re wrapping up in a few mns. > Get updates and suggest future topics at inflatablechat.org/ #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:26:43
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    @Landmarketer Next week we’re chatting about inflatable tents & domes. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 14:28:05

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