1. Physical Apps “The O” iPhone App Rotating Sphere Inflatable Display
    Thu, Feb 09 2012 16:00:00
  2. LandmarkBot
    Welcome to #InflatableChat 28: Inflatables Used by Hi-tech & Telecommunication Companies
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:01:17
  3. LandmarkBot
    Q1: What should professionals know before ordering a custom inflatable for their next promotion or product launch? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:06:33
  4. balloonguymeach
    A1: How will the replica be used….
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:07:31
  5. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A1. Tech. companies [cell phone/computers.] should know that products can be replicated using pantone colors. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:08:43
  6. balloonguymeach
    A1: Many high tech companies are finding very creative ways to get noted and inflatables work very well. #inflatablechat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:11:29
  7. LandmarkBot
    Q2: Where can hi-tech and telecom. companies use custom inflatables? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:12:25
  8. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A2. Trade shows, product launches, community events. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:13:19
  9. balloonguymeach
    A2: They are using them in trade shows, on mobile campaigns, and in-store displays. #inflatablechat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:13:39
  10. Stephatto
    A2: Inflatables can be used at Tech Shows like CES, outside retail locations, experiential marketing tours (ez transport) #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:14:59
  11. balloonguymeach
    A2: How about the Snow globes for T-Mobile?
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:16:19
  12. LandmarkBot
    Q3: When it comes to inflatables what are popular choices & current trends for cell phone & television promotions? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:16:29
  13. Stephatto
    A3: Trends we’ve been seeing; incorporating video (LED, projection, interactive content, etc.) with inflatables. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:17:40
  14. balloonguymeach
    A3: With Cell phones, it is App developers displaying their App logo on the Screen #inflatablechat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:17:50
  15. Stephatto
    A3: I’m surprised we aren’t seeing more giant QR codes. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:18:45
  16. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A3. Using inflatables w/ printed logo during a parade. [smart marketing to local consumers] #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:19:26
  17. balloonguymeach
    A3: How about the 24′ LED screen inside 30′ Finn for Cartoon Network showing programs to kids in the pool? #inflatablechat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:19:43
  18. Inflatable Finn Dive-In Movie Screen for the Atlantis Resort
    Fri, May 25 2012 17:00:00
  19. LandmarkBot
    We’re wrapping up in a few minutes. Be sure to get updates and suggest future topics at http://inflatablechat.org/ #InflatableChat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:26:21

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