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    Welcome to #InflatableChat 30: Custom Inflatables: FAQ [We’re covering the top 10 inflatables questions in the next 30 minutes!]
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:31:28
  2. LandmarkBot
    Q1. What is the difference between a cold-air inflatable and a sealed / airtight inflatable? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:33:32
  3. Stephatto
    A1. I’ve got this: cold-air inflatables use a fan system = constant airflow. sealed inflatables are air-tight. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:34:47
  4. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A1. Cold-air inflatables require a fan to keep them inflated. Airtight inflatables don’t require a blower. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:35:19
  5. Stephatto
    A1: Cold-air inflatables cost more than sealed, but they last significantly longer & usually have warranties of several yrs. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:35:43
  6. LandmarkBot
    Q2. What is included when I purchase a custom inflatable? Will I need to purchase a blower or tethers? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:35:35
  7. Stephatto
    A2. Depends which type of inflatable and where you buy it. At @Landmarketer tethers & blowers are usually included. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:36:33
  8. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A2. Systems includes: blower (internal or external), tethers, installation hardware, repair kit & storage bag #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:36:43
  9. LandmarkBot
    Q3. How do I inflate my cold-air inflatable? Do I need electricity? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:37:28
  10. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A3. http://youtu.be/rTPvujBQgyI > How to Inflate Custom Advertising Balloons #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:38:26
  11. Stephatto
    A3: Electricity is needed for cold-air inflatables. They can use a standard electrical outlet in most cases. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:38:53
  12. LandmarkBot
    Q4. How do I inflate a helium sphere or blimp? How long will the helium-filled inflatable float in the air? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:40:19
  13. Stephatto
    A4: Helium blimps & balls are filled with tanks of helium and a hose. (If you’re lucky enough to find helium, that is.) #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:42:03
  14. Stephatto
    A4. Minor amounts of helium need to be added to helium blimps every 1-3 days. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:43:11
  15. LandmarkBot
    Q5. How do I anchor my inflatable to the ground, rooftop, etc? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:43:23
  16. Stephatto
    A5: Ground anchoring (tethering) can be done with ground stakes or weights e.g. sandbags or water tanks… #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:44:55
  17. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A5. Using tethers, stakes to keep it secured to the ground. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:44:59
  18. Stephatto
    A5. Rooftop installs can be done using anchor bolts & lag shields. Be sure you have the owner of bldg’s permission first! #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:46:28
  19. Stephatto
    A5. We usually recommend first time inflatable users hire professional installers for their rooftop projects, though. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:47:00
  20. LandmarkBot
    Q6. How long will it take to manufacture a custom inflatable? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:45:18
  21. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A6. Lead times are usually between 4-6 weeks. ( Need a rush order? Chat with @balloonguymeach ) #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:47:18
  22. LandmarkBot
    Q7. What are the best practices for cleaning an inflatable? How often should I clean my inflatable? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:48:29
  23. Stephatto
    A7. Keeping inflatables clean between events (hand washing) goes a long way to maintaining their professional appearance. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:50:30
  24. Stephatto
    A7. Professional inflatable cleaning can be done for a few hundred $; otherwise hand wash with products like #JungleJake #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:51:31
  25. Stephatto
    A7. And never, ever pack an inflatable away wet. This is the #1 rule of inflatable cleaning. NEVER PACK IT AWAY WET #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:52:19
  26. Stephatto
    A7. (But if you must pack it away wet, re-inflate ASAP, wash & let it dry out completely.) #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:53:27
  27. LandmarkBot
    Q8. Help! My inflatable has been damaged – How do I fix a tear or puncture in my inflatable? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:51:40
  28. Stephatto
    A8. (Almost missed this one.) Patch repairs can be done on site with a needle & thread (cold-air) or a patch kit (sealed). #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:56:04
  29. Stephatto
    A8. Often local tent/awning companies can help with inflatable repairs in emergency situations, too. #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:56:33
  30. LandmarkBot
    Q9. How do I deflate my cold-air inflatable? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:53:27
  31. Stephatto
    A9. Betting @ItsCaitlin0111 will post a video. Deflating is easy; it’s packing the balloon to fit in the bag that’s tricky! #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:55:05
  32. LandmarkBot
    Q10. How do I pack my custom inflatable for storage? #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:56:25
  33. itsCaitlin0111
    A9 & A10: How to pack a custom inflatable http://youtu.be/R-_32c7c5CU (Disclaimer: Never, ever, ever pack when wet!) #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:56:11
  34. Stephatto
    A10. When packing an inflatable for storage, the most important factor is keeping out moisture (which can cause mildew). #InflatableChat
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 13:57:39
  35. LandmarkBot
    Thanks to all who joined us for #InflatableChat (FAQ edition!) Have a wonderful afternoon!
    Thu, Aug 16 2012 14:01:47

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