InflatableChat (31) Troubleshooting – How to Solve Inflatable Problems

Join us Thursday as we discuss the most commonly asked questions regarding inflatable problem-solving & crisis management. Preliminary questions have been listed below, but, we encourage chat participants to ask any questions they may have about inflatables to #InflatableChat.

Questions for #InflatableChat (31) – Thursday, August 23, 2012 from 2 – 2:30 p.m. CST

Q1. Will I be able to set up my inflatable by myself? How can I successfully inflate my giant advertising balloon?
Q2. Mayday! My inflatable has accumulated mildew – what should I do?
Q3. My helium blimp has been punctured / torn, can it be saved?
Q4. What should I do if my cold-air inflatable has a small tear?
Q5. What should I do if my cold-air inflatable has a large tear?
Q6. How often should I wash my inflatable?
Q7. What are the best practices for washing a custom inflatable?
Q8. Can I use my inflatable in the winter?
Q9. How cold is too cold for a cold-air / helium inflatable?

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