1. LandmarkBot
    #InflatableChat starts in 1 hr. This week’s topic: Custom Inflatables: Repairs & Troubleshooting Questions > http://landmktg.com/chat-31
  2. LandmarkBot
    Q1. Will I be able to set up my inflatable by myself? How can I successfully inflate my giant advertising balloon? #InflatableChat
  3. Stephatto
    A2. Mildewed inflatables can sometimes be saved via professional cleaning, but it’s best to avoid that: NEVER PACK WET! #InflatableChat
  4. balloonguymeach
    A3: Yes it can, we will supply it with a repair kit however send it in and we can fix it… #inflatablechat
  5. balloonguymeach
    A3: I have yet to see a blimp that cannot be repaired… had one with 50 holes and she flew the next day. #inflatablechat
  6. Stephatto
    A4. Small tears can be repaired during an event by needle & thread or adhesive patch kit (Landmark inflatables include both) #InflatableChat
  7. Stephatto
    A4. Usually on-site repairs can get the inflatable through an event until it can be professionally / permanently fixed. #InflatableChat
  8. balloonguymeach
    A4: Large tears may require a more bit more work. Send us a picture and we can advise the cheapest way #inflatablechat
  9. Stephatto
    A4. Inflatables w/ giant tears need to be repaired with a machine. Contact a local tent/awning co. if no inf. co. is avail. #InflatableChat
  10. Stephatto
    A5. Inflatables w/ giant tears need to be repaired with a machine. Contact a local tent/awning co. if no inf. co. is avail. #InflatableChat
  11. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A6. Regularly cleaning your cold-air inflatable will help prevent mold, mildew & the general stink factor. #InflatableChat
  12. Stephatto
    A6. Washing inflatables (even spot cleaning) between events keeps them looking professional = good brand image. #InflatableChat
  13. balloonguymeach
    A6: I recommend that you inspect and spot clean whenever you take the balloon down to pack it. Make sure it’s DRY #inflatablechat
  14. Stephatto
    A6. Bottom line is it depends how frequently they’re used. It’s a good idea to clean inflatables before storing them. #InflatableChat
  15. balloonguymeach
    A7: As with any inflatable take your time and notice what works and what does not. If in doubt…call us #inflatablechat
  16. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot Q7. Machine washing for most inflatables, consult a manufacturer to determine if commercial washing is better. #InflatableChat
  17. Stephatto
    A8. Cold-air inflatables can be used year-round. Helium balloons are difficult to use in extreme or fluctuating temperatures #InflatableChat
  18. balloonguymeach
    A9: I have set up a cold air inflatable in -20 below zero.. the inflatable was fine… me not so much #inflatablechat

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