1. LandmarkBot
    Welcome to #InflatableChat 32: Inflatable Sports Tunnels & Helmets: Booster Club Edition! #InflatableChat
  2. LandmarkBot
    Q1. How can booster clubs raise money for the purchase of an inflatable tunnel? #InflatableChat
  3. balloonguymeach
    A1: The easiest way is to get a color illustration from us and show it around. Everyone will understand what you are doing #inflatablechat
  4. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A1. Invite local businesses to sell items at athletic events and boost concession sales. #InflatableChat
  5. Stephatto
    A1. Finding a local sponsor(s) seems like the easiest route. We’ve had lots of customers who donate tunnels to a school. #InflatableChat
  6. Stephatto
    A2. @BalloonGuyMeach has the answer to that: Get a proposal illustration to present, including the sponsor banner areas. #InflatableChat
  7. balloonguymeach
    A2: The best way for sponsors to see the benefit is by applying their name on the tunnel in the form of a banner #inflatablechat
  8. itsCaitlin0111
    A2. Give banner sizes options – some businesses may only be able to give a little $$ while others may be able to give $$$$$. #InflatableChat
  9. Stephatto
    A2. I would suggest approaching companies that have already sponsored school programs. #InflatableChat
  10. Stephatto
    A2. Offer to announce tunnel sponsors at game time, include them in the printed programs, etc. #InflatableChat
  11. LandmarkBot
    Q3. What are some advantages booster clubs have after purchasing an inflatable tunnel? #InflatableChat
  12. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot A3. Tunnels can be used as a location device for fundraising events (car washes, xmas tree sales, etc.) #InflatableChat
  13. balloonguymeach
    A3: Besides the Game.. they can use this as a location tool such as car washes, community events.. #inflatablechat
  14. LandmarkBot
    Q4. Can I purchase an inflatable tunnel that can be used by multiple sports teams? #InflatableChat
  15. balloonguymeach
    A4: Example you can purchase a mascot or standard tunnel rather than a Football helmet. #inflatablechat
  16. Stephatto
    A4. Tunnels are often shared within the school. It’s important to decide who’ll be in charge of inflatable b4 & after event. #InflatableChat
  17. LandmarkBot
    Q5. What must booster clubs understand when it comes to taking care of an inflatable tunnel? #InflatableChat
  18. balloonguymeach
    A5: Establish a checklist so that future clubs will know what to do. Each year t will be different members. #inflatablechat
  19. Stephatto
    A5. If multiple groups will use the inflatable, it’s important to establish who’s in charge of care & maintenance. #InflatableChat
  20. itsCaitlin0111
    @LandmarkBot Don’t pack when wet! (& that it shouldn’t be stored in a damp environment) #InflatableChat
  21. LandmarkBot
    Q6. What are alternatives for booster clubs who don’t have the budget for a tunnel? #InflatableChat
  22. itsCaitlin0111
    A6. If an inflatable tunnel is still out of reach for a booster club I would recommend an inflatable arch or a mascot! #InflatableChat
  23. balloonguymeach
    A6: I would get an interactive throw station that you can raise money all over town as well as the games. #inflatablechat
  24. itsCaitlin0111
    A6. Start with a traditional tunnel & purchase a mascot head later w/ the option to attach the two & make 1 GIANT tunnel! #InflatableChat

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