Are you just getting started with social media for your business?

With many social networking websites available today, it can get pretty overwhelming when it comes to managing them all. To manage profiles (efficiently) professionals turn to social media streamlining.

We have compiled a list of helpful social media management tools to keep your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter and more in check!

TweetChat, sometimes referred to as a ‘twitter party‘, allows for a live discussion through your twitter account. TweetChat is a great way to focus on a specific chat and automatically add the chat’s hashtag (example: #inflatablechat) to your replies.

Seesmic is an application that can be used from the web or downloaded to your desktop or phone.  This application allows users to simultaneously manage accounts for multiple social networks. Another option that is closely comparable is TweetDeck, this a personal browser that connects you across a large social media spectrum.

Much like Seesmic and TweetDeck, HootSuite is a dashboard that can help you manage multiple networks and receive automated reports of your success.

Wondering what your impact on the social media world is? There are several online tools to help you measure success in social media. Currently and are widely used to measure online influence.

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